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Welcome to the Morsulus wiki...

UPDATE: wiki spammers have discovered the site. That rots. If you happen to see a bizzarro collection of links (probably to a porn site) on a page, please just go ahead and edit the page to get rid of the crap.

UPDATE to the UPDATE: I have turned on the global edit lock, so no one can edit without a password. The password is "e r r a t a" without the spaces... I'm hoping that this will stop the wiki spammer. Worst case, I change that password and make you ask me for it. Sorry about that.

To enable the password, go to Preferences and put the password in as the administrator password (and don't forget to whack the * that's in there already). Save and you can now edit.

Among the diverse topics Morsulus considers germane are:

Being a wiki, y'all can add and modify the content...


http://www.usemod.com/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?TextFormattingRules for information on how to format text on this wiki...

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