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This will collect notes on what goes where, etc...

JML: Can I make suggestions/requests here rather than the LoAR? Easier to collect them.

Certainly! If it's something that ought to be shared widely, the LoAR is a useful place to publish, but here is good too...

JML: From 08/05 LoAR discusssion - please file (or cross-reference) fleece with sheep; they are only a CD apart</p>

I only put "in x" categories on primary charges.

If half of a divided field is itself divided, I will try to index that divided field.

For example, "Per fess checky gules and argent and azure..." gets a PER-FESS and a CHECKY.

Tierces go under FLAUNCH:1

Gussets go under GORE:1

Online information for [term paper research] help and [research papers] assistance about Morsulus:

1. [Morsulus on Google code]- Morsulus Herald maintains the armorial database within the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA). He also maintains an online search site and produces periodic publications. 2. [Tools and software used by Morsulus for: - indexing stuff - generating ordinaries - feeding the online tools] -

In the processing, I first extract the actions and related information from the XML. After some hand edits, I convert the actions to database entries.

I thought it might be useful to list the various actions I recognize. The list grows as I run into new ones. The current program started with a blank slate.


Not sure if this is the right page of the wiki or not, but I just found that there is no entry in the Index of the Ordinary for "spinning wheel". It would be nice to have one.

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