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Per the cross family precedent (http://heraldry.sca.org/loar/2009/05/09-05cl.html):

From Wreath: Crosses and Substantial Difference

Given the widespread support for the proposal, we are implementing Batonvert's proposal on crosses that appeared on the Cover Letter for the August 2008 LoAR. Substantial difference under X.2 will henceforth be granted between crosses appearing below that do not belong to the same family. The families are:

Plain crosses couped, including Latinate and humetty.

Crosses flory, floretty, patonce, clechy, Calatrava, and Santiago.

Crosses crosslet and bottony.

Crosses moline, sarcelly, recercelly, anchory, fourchy, and miller.

Crosses formy/paty. (see the note, below)

Crosses doubled, patriarchal, and Lorraine.

The cross potent/billety.

The Tau cross.

The cross of Calvary.

The cross of Toulouse.

The cross gringoly.

The cross pomelly/bourdonny.

The Maltese cross.

We note that, in period, the term paty could refer to crosses in the flory family. The formy/paty family is not intended to overlap these two groups, we are using the SCA blazon term.

Standard period variants of a particular style of cross will not be considered separate; no difference is granted for fitching, changing between equal-armed and Latinate, etc.

Substantial difference between crosses is not limited to the above list. It is, instead, intended to provide a set of guidelines on the most frequently seen crosses in heraldry. All rulings of substantial difference which are not addressed by the above list remain in force, as do all rulings on significant difference.

A new feature set has been defined: cross_family

The values are:

 other cross|cross_family
 plain cross|cross_family

I've gone through and extracted every distinct phrase in blazons that map to each (and sometimes more than one) feature.


cross of Calvary potent
cross of Calvary
cross calvary
patriarchal cross calvary orthodox botonny


Celtic cross bottonny, mounted on three grieces
cross botanny
cross botonny
cross bottonny
cross bottonny fitchy
cross bottony
cross bottony fitchy
cross bottony pierced
cross bottony quarter-pierced
cross crosslet
cross crosslet Calvary
cross crosslet fitchy
cross crosslet fitchy quadrate
cross crosslet fitchy square pierced
cross crosslet fitchy square-pierced
cross crosslet formy fitchy
cross crosslet voided
cross Latin bottony
cross of Saint Julian
cross of St. Julian
cross patriarchal bottony
cross-crosslet fitchy
cross-crosslet quarter-pierced
crusilly fitchy
crusily (sometimes fitchy)
crusily bottony
crusily crosslet fitchy
crusily fitchy
Latin cross bottonny
latin cross bottony
Latin cross bottony
Latin cross crosslet
Latin cross-crosslet
Latin crosses botonny
Latin doubled cross crosslet
patriarchal cross bottony
patriarchal cross calvary orthodox botonny
patriarchal crosses crosslet
Russian Orthodox cross botonny graded
three passion cross botonny


cross couped of three crossbars missing the dexter base arm
cross couped of three crossbars, missing the dexter base arm
cross Lorraine
cross Lorraine fitchy at all points
cross of Lorraine
cross patriarchal
cross patriarchal bottony
double cross
doubled cross
Eastern Orthodox cross
Greek Orthodox cross
Latin doubled crosses crosslet
Lorraine cross
patriarchal cross
Patriarchal cross
patriarchal cross botonny
patriarchal cross bottony
patriarchal cross crosslet
patriarchal cross fitchy
patriarchal cross fleury
patriarchal cross flory
rogacina doubly crossed and fourchy
Russian cross
Russian Orthodox cross
Russian Orthodox cross botonny graded
patriarchal cross calvary orthodox botonny


cross clech{e'}
cross clechy
cross clechy fitchy
cross clechy pommetty
cross clechy voided
cross crosslet fleury concave
cross crosslet flory
cross fleuretty
cross fleury
cross fleury azure irradiated
cross fleury fitchy
cross fleury fitchy
cross fleury quadrate
cross floretty
cross flory
cross flory fitchy
cross flory tripartite
cross formy floretty
cross of Calatrava
cross of four fleurs-de-lys conjoined at their bases
cross of Santiago
cross patonce
cross patoncy
cross pattonce
cross sable a cross potent (later floretty)
cross triparted and fretted fleury
cross triparted and fretted fleury
crosses formy patonce
crusilly clechy
crusilly fleury
crusilly flory
crusilly Latin Celtic flory
crusilly Latin fleury
crusilly patonce
crusilly patoncy
crusily flory
crusily Latin flory
equal-armed Celtic cross clechy
equal-armed Celtic cross flory
four demi-fleurs conjoined in cross
Latin cross clechy
Latin cross fleury
Latin cross fleury fitchy
Latin cross floretty
Latin cross flory
Latin cross formy floretty
Latin cross patonce
Maltese cross patonce
Maltese cross patoncy
patriarchal cross fleury
patriarchal cross flory
patriarchal cross flory azure


Celtic cross formy
Celtic cross patty
cross crosslet formy fitchy
cross formy
cross formy convex
cross formy fitched
cross formy fitched at the foot
cross formy fitchy
cross formy fitchy at all points
cross formy floretty
cross formy nowy
cross formy nowy quadrate
cross formy patonce
cross formy quadrate
cross formy quarter-pierced
cross formy swallowtail
cross formy swallowtailed
cross formy voided
cross pat{e'}e quadrate
cross patee quadrate
cross patt{e'}
cross patt{e'}e
cross pattee
cross patty
cross patty elongated in pale
cross patty fitchy
cross patty sarcelled
cross paty
cross paty fitchy
cross paty fitchy
crusilly formy
crusilly Latin formy
crusily formy fitchy
crusily patty
equal armed Celtic cross formy
equal-armed Celtic cross formy
Latin cross formy
Latin cross formy fitched at the foot
Latin cross formy floretty
Latin cross formy nowy
Latin cross formy swallowtailed
Latin cross patty
passion cross, ends formee


cross gringol{e'}


crusily Maltese
long Maltese cross
long Maltese cross nowy pierced
maltese cross
Maltese cross
Maltese cross elongated to base
Maltese cross fitchy
Maltese cross nowy
Maltese crosses patoncy
Maltese Latin cross


cross moline disjointed
cross moline
crusilly moline
cross moline nowy
cross moline fitchy
Latin cross fourchy
cross moline notched of all four
cross fourchetty
cross miller
cross of four anchors conjoined at the ring
long cross moline
cross forch{e'}es
cross moline disjoined
cross moline quarter-pierced
cross moline disjoint
Latin cross moline
cross fourchy
cross moline nowy quadrate
cross Moline
cross moline voided
Two millrinds in cross
cross mill-rind


Bowen cross
Bowen knot crosswise
bowen knot in cross
Canterbury cross
celtic cross
Celtic cross
Celtic cross fitchy
Coptic cross
cross alis{e'}e -- (note: a cross alisee is a cross formy/patty cut out of a roundel instead of a delf. maybe it belongs in the formy family? - Istvan)
cross alis{e'}e fitchy
cross annulety arms formy and voided - really; looked at the picture
cross argent griffee-de-loup, pierced
cross avellane
cross avellane dismembered
cross barby
cross barby fitchy
cross bretessed couped
cross couped of chain
cross couped rayonnant
cross couped voided ending in four two-towered castles
cross crescenty
cross ending in four pheons
cross erminy
cross fleury azure irradiated
cross formed of six white-based opals proper
cross glandular saltirewise
cross gurgitee
cross gurgity
cross nowy quadrate couped
cross of Canterbury
cross of Cerda{n~}a
cross of Cerdana
cross of chains couped
cross of Cleves
cross of ermine spots
cross of ermine tails
cross of fire rayonny
cross of five lozenges
cross of five mascles
cross of four arrowheads
cross of four ermine spots
cross of four ermine spots conjoined
cross of four ermine tails
cross of four fusils
cross of four lozenges
cross of four lozenges nowed at the center
cross of four mascles
cross of four mascles pometty
cross of four passion nails
cross of four pheons
cross of four pheons conjoined at the points
cross of four pheons points to center
cross of four seaxes conjoined at the pommel
cross of four swords conjoined at the points
cross of lozenges
cross of Saint Bridget
cross of Saint Brigid
cross of Samildanach
cross of St. Brigid
cross of swords tips to center
cross patty sarcelled - looked at the picture I did...
cross pointed
cross pointed raguly
cross pointed, voided and interlaced
cross quadrate couped
cross swallowtail
cross swallowtailed
cross swallowtailed fitchy
cross swallowtailed quadrate
cross urdy
cross urdy fitchy argent
crusilly of ermine spots counterchanged
crusilly pointed
crusilly swallowtailed
crusily Celtic
crusily Cerda{n~}a
crux ansata
crux ansata fitchy
crux ansata patty
crux stellata
equal-armed Celtic cross
equal-armed Celtic cross couped plain
five lozenges conjoined in cross
five mascles conjoined in cross
five mascles, conjoined in cross
Four compass stars conjoined in cross
four ermine spots in cross
four ermine spots in cross bases to center
four lozenges conjoined in cross
four mascles conjoined in cross, pommetty at all joints
four seebl{a:}tter in cross, points conjoined
Latin cross of bones
Latin cross of six annulets interlaced
Latin cross pointed
Latin cross raguly
Latin cross swallowtailed
Latinate Celtic cross
long Celtic cross
long cross barby nowy
Non cross
rogacina crossed and fourchy
Saint Brigid's cross
San Damiano crucifix
St. Brigid's crosses
star cross
straight-armed St. Brigid's cross
swallowtailed cross
Three nails bound into the shape of a cross, one palewise, the others fesswise, points to center
Two cartouches voided and interlaced in cross
two links of chain fretted in cross
Ukrainian sun-cross


an orb
cross couped
cross couped and fitchy
cross couped and pierced
cross couped and quarter-pierced
cross couped disjointed
cross couped fitchy
cross couped parted and fretted
cross couped quarter-pierced
cross couped quarter-pierced
cross couped triply parted
cross fitchy
cross humetty
cross issuant to chief
cross nowy couped
cross quadrate parted and fretted
cross triple-parted and fretted
cross voided
crusilly couped
crusilly Latin
crusilly plain
crusily Latin
Greek cross
Latin cross
Latin cross fitchy
Latin cross inverted
Latin cross nowy pierced
Latin cross voided
long cross
Passion cross
the George Cross
the Union flag


equal-armed celtic cross pommety
cross pomelly fitchy
cross pomelly
crosses pommy
crusilly pommety
cross bourdonny
crusilly Latin pomelly
cross pommetty
Latin cross pometty
cross doubly pommeled
Latin cross pomelly at the foot
cross pommy fitchy
cross clechy pommetty


cross potent
cross of Jerusalem
Jerusalem Cross
long cross potent
equal-armed Celtic cross potent
crusilly potent
Cross of Jerusalem
cross gammadion saltirewise
cross potenty - yes, I looked at the picture
crosslet potent
Latin cross potent nowy quadrate
cross potent (later floretty)
Latin cross potent
latin crosses potent
equal-armed Celtic cross potent
cross potent fitchy
cross potent rebated


tau cross
Tau cross
cross of St. Antony
cross tau
Tau cross swallowtailed


Latin cross of Toulouse
key cross
cross of Toulouse
key cross nowy pierced

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