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Current through April 2018 LoAR (published)

Reindexing project

I've been going through old items to check/correct indexing. That includes fleshing it out fully to cover all charges.

Released database current through December 1999.

Master database current through December 1999. Done with first pass. Every piece of armory has had its indexing touched by me.

I need to go through maintained charges from about 1990 and older (roughly when the maintained rule changed) and through the newer stuff pre-new-rule to touch up maintained charges.

I somehow missed December 1989, but that's been fixed.


Other areas to focus on may crop up. In the past, that has included things like fixing up mullets, adding the cross family feature, and other focused things that need checking/correcting.
  • Change remaining "field treatments" that are tinctures (masoned, etc) to take tincture:tincture2 and reindex them accordingly.
  • Go through older maintained charges (pre-1990 or so) to bring them up to current standards.
  • Look at arrondi. Arrondi doesn't count for difference with more than four parts.
  • COTISES - add a new category "cotises|COTISES|line:number:tincture:group" with maybe a new feature set that labels the ordinary and reindex everything with cotises
    Category added; indexing adjusted. New feature set defined. - published with February 2016 database release
  • alphyns - looks like MONSTER - OTHER in the past and MONSTER - GRIFFIN now. Regularize all 18.
  • wolverines need to be indexed as BEAR also. Update xref to match. Indexing done (all ten); xref added to notes for March
  • musimons - now indexed as goat, but sometimes as monster other. regularize
  • violet = rose
  • scorpion = lobster
  • winged unicorn = pegasus
  • chamomile flowers are daisies, not few petals - just a my.cat xref issue
  • whelks and escallops are interchangeable. find the whelks and index them as escallops, too
  • bowls: CUP or CAULDRON? make it consistent, possibly pointint to both.
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