-- HerveusdOrmonde - 03 Nov 2016

There were about 500 NC records that did not have a release date. Judith Wilkinson went through them and annotated each one with what she found in the database and the LoARs that appeared relevant, along with commentary as appropriate.

She delivered them in batches of 50 or so and has finished her part. Yay! And Thank You!

I've ground through 300 of them, so far, annotating her notes further and editing the database as appropriate. Emma has generated errata as required.

I'm about to send off 251-300 for Emma's part...

The simplest case is that I need to make the existing date the release date and add the registration date for the old name.

Sometimes it's actually an "inaccurate name change" that usually leads to a variant name record. That, in turn, leads to an erratum.

Sometimes there are records that need added to flesh out the record, or other corrections. Sometimes, it's just a hot mess.

But when it's done, the database will be much cleaner as a historical record.
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