-- HerveusdOrmonde - 13 May 2016

Index all charges that matter, including maintained charges (which now count).

Apply all features that pertain wherever possible.

Maintained charges are tagged as "sustained" so that "maintained" can be used for things that don't count for difference.

If a design can be blazoned two ways, index it both ways.

Demi-critters get indexed as beast/monster, demi and as the whole critter

Winged critters get indexed as the base critter and monster, winged

Sea beasts may get indexed as the base critter unless there is a specific monster, sea, mumble category.

Birds naiant respectant get indexed as "naiant to sinister" and "naiant to dexter", both with a count of 2. Fixing features to have "naiant" to cover both is a desirable change.

The field division of half of the field also gets indexed as a field division.

An "estoile of eight points" is not an estoile; it's a sun. Estoiles have six points; five gets you a warning. Eight is right out.
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